Gauteng, South Africa - 12 November 2018. Intended to be celebrated annually on the last Saturday of November, South Africa Day is dedicated to nation building where South Africans undertake events, projects and celebratory activities that are citizen-driven and actionorientated, fuelled by the corporate sector, and pursued in collaboration with government.

Drawing inspiration from an auspicious moment in South Africa’s history when 26 political parties signed the Interim Constitution in November 1993; South Africa Day is not a public holiday, but a day of nation building and community togetherness.

South Africa Day's vision may be best illustrated in its signature initiative, which is the SA Towns Makeover Initiative. Since the beginning of this year, South Africa Day in conjunction with the Coligny Peace Forum and the Coligny Investment Forum have been hard at work promoting nation building and community building in a community that suffered a severe fracturing of race relations as a result of the unfortunate death of a teenage boy, Matlhomola Moshoeu. Efforts to promote reconciliation among the residents of Coligny, Tlhabologang and Scotland saw ongoing engagement with the respective communities. The subsequent action taken by the citizens of Coligny with the support of local businesses attracted the attention of businesses from outside of the area keen to invest in this small town. Promac, PowerRock Roadmarkings and Garden World have very generously sponsored supplies and services to uplift the town with NWK coming on board as the premier sponsor of the South Africa Day Town Makeover Initiative.

The commendable success of the Coligny Town Makeover has since served as an inspiration to other towns. Waterval Boven/Emgwenya has already proceeded in earnest with their Makeover. The residents, local authorities and local businesses of this town will unite in their efforts to revitalise the tourism potential of the town. Perhaps what is most promising about the initiative is that the Makeover is intended not only to restore civic pride through the upliftment of the towns' physical environment but to promote investor confidence in the towns. To this end, the SA Towns Makeover Business Development and Investment Arm was established and plans to implement this phase by early 2019, starting in Coligny.

South Africa Day also plans to commence another iconic Makeover in Alexandra Township early 2019. In partnership with the City of Johannesburg, strategic landmarks and locations have been identified with the view of uplifting for economic and tourist purposes. The Makeover will be done in collaboration with the A Re Sebetseng Clean-up Campaign.

South Africa Day has a number of events planned for the month of November:

Most events are set to take place on 24 November except for the R24 Flag Restoration Celebration which will take place on 25 November.

The genesis of South Africa Day is rooted in the premise that South African citizens play a pivotal role in bringing about change within their respective communities by actively engaging in projects that seek to uplift their surroundings; thereby promoting civic pride, tourism potential and investor confidence – ultimately with the view of attaining an improved socio-economic well-being. The celebrations that take place in the month of November should be a culmination and celebration of projects and activities leading up to South Africa Day that reflect nation building and community building.

South Africa Day would love to see all South Africans get excited about and pledge support for, South Africa Day by adopting the South Africa Day Pledge and Declaration: .

South Africa Day is a Not-for-Profit Company dedicated to promoting nation building and community building.

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