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Declaration: The South Africa I Want

I want a South Africa that aspires to the achievement of greatness in everything which it seeks to achieve; a South Africa that is also led by visionary and exemplary leaders in all its institutions and business. I want a South Africa that will be regarded as a leading nation globally and second to none on the African continent in terms of economic development, technological advancement, education, good governance, safety and security, peaceful co-existence among its citizens. Above all else, I want all other things that would be in the best interest of the Republic of South Africa and its people.

My Pledge to South Africa

I am a proud South African. I am proud of our Democracy, its institutions and the embedded protection of our human rights and dignity. As I lay claim to my rights that are in our constitution, so I will work to defend those same rights for my fellow South Africans.

South Africa belongs to all who live in it, and I will strive to build a South Africa that we all want and deserve. Together in unity, I will support and advocate the strengthening of the economy that serves all who live in South Africa, where everyone has equal opportunity to prosper. I also recognise that our democracy can be diminished by indifference and selfishness and I undertake to become an active, contributing, engaged and patriotic citizen working constructively towards fortifying our constitution and democracy.

In my plans and daily actions, I will strive to make a positive difference in the communities in which I live, work, and study. I will fight against injustice and prejudice in all its forms so that I can protect the rights of others and in so doing safeguard my own rights. Above all, I will desist from doing anything that would harm the image of South Africa, its people and institutions. Where I can, I will endeavour to improve and open up opportunities in education, health care and employment, or contribute in any way I can, for the benefit of the country and the people of South Africa.

I define myself first as a South African ahead of my race, religion and language.

My pledge is to contribute to building South Africa to become a winning nation that we can all embrace and be proud of, and towards which we can have a deep sense of loyalty.