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Kevin Wakeford

Board Member

Kevin Wakeford

Board Member

Board Member and Chairman and President of Strong Towns and Cities Network

Kevin was born in Port Elizabeth in 1962. His primary and secondary education was at Grey Junior, Graeme College and Muir College respectively.

He graduated from the University of Port Elizabeth with a BA Cum Laude and BA (Hons) Cum Laude for which he was awarded Academic Colours in 1988.

Kevin was also a co-founder of the Institute for the Resolution of Conflict in SA whilst a student. Kevin was recruited by the ANC Underground Movement (ANC Security) whilst a 2nd year student in 1986.

In his earlier years, Kevin performed a key role in the foundational phases of the Consultative Business Movement (CBM), The Institute for a Democratic Alternative for SA (IDASA) and the Group Credit Company (NGO in the micro banking sector).

He is a former CEO of the PE Regional Chamber of Commerce (1995/98) and the SA Chamber of Business (SACOB – 1999/2002).

He was one of the founding members of the Coega Initiative Company (1996) and received Citizen of the Year in PE in 1997 for his achievements in establishing the multi-billion rand MEGA Project.

Kevin was awarded a Professorship (Extra Ordinaire) by the PE Technikon (now Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) in Managerial Economics in October 2000.

Kevin was the key instigator into the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry into the rapid depreciation of the Rand in 2001.

He has served on a variety of boards of listed and private companies including Simmer and Jack Mines (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) and First Uranium Corporation (Toronto Stock Exchange).

He also served on the Boards of SA Biomedical (Former Chairman) and recently for Pholosang Black Economic Empowerment Resolution Services as an Independent non-executive Director. He served on the Audit, Remuneration and Governance committees of all the said companies.

He also served as Chairman of the Board of Pride Holdings SA (subsidiary of Pride Holdings Dubai – Multi Billion International Private Equity arm of the Dubai Royal family) and Chairman of Simmer and Jack Ltd (Private Equity Company).

Kevin has served as interim CEO of the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (2005), Economic Advisor to the Premier of the Eastern Cape Provincial Government (2006/07) and Turnaround Project Adviser to the Minister of Home Affairs (2007/09).

He is a well-known columnist and commentator on matters of Public Interest

He consults to the Private and Public Sector in the fields of Public Policy and Business Strategy. Kevin features as a key character in Barry Sergeant’s most recently published book (August 2013) “The Assault on the Rand”.

Wakeford served as CEO of the Armaments Corporation of South Africa (ARMSCOR) from 1st May 2015 until 30th April 2019. He has performed a leading role in the transformation and sustainability of ARMSCOR and the entire defense sector. He initiated the Turnaround strategy of ARMSCOR in late 2015 which led to a stronger business and economic development focus of the Corporation. ARMSCOR has obtained three clean audits under his leadership. His thought leadership contributed to the formation of the Defense Industry Fund, the Defense Industry Strategy and the Defense Industry Charter.

He has repositioned ARMSCOR as a key catalyst for leveraging of defense assets in order to resource the implementation of the Defense Review Policy imperatives. He has also played a significant role in alerting the policy makers on the strategic role the defense sector could perform in the innovation of new technologies and its broader potential in leading the Republic’s entry into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Wakeford has pushed hard for public recognition of the “peace dividend” that the Department of Defense has delivered on through its Peace Keeping role in Africa. He believes that Peace and Stability on the continent are fundamental to the future prosperity and development of Africa. Kevin is currently Chairman of DNG Energy and is CEO of Wakeford Investments Enterprises, a Consulting and Advisory Services Company that is contracted to a variety of companies across multiple sectors.