South Africa Day

A Campaign and a Celebration

Be Thankful, Be Appreciative, and Be Kind

An SA Day annual event, to take place on the 3rd week of November

Show appreciation, gratitude, admiration, and kindness to others in a tangible way and that they would cherish

This is what you can do:

Have a Thanksgiving lunch with family members

Purchase a gift for a friend or someone special

Organize special surprise gifts for employees 

Purchase a laptop, cellphone, note book, and cup for someone to show gratitude.

Purchase a car for someone special.

Other ways to express gratitude, appreciation, admiration, and kindness:

  • Donate old or extra clothes or toys to a homeless shelter.
  • Do something unexpected for someone you love. Whether it be sending a sweet note, making dinner for them or bringing home flowers. Just a small gesture to show your appreciation for them. 
  • If you happen to go to the grocery store and you are asked to make a donation, try and make a donation, even if it is only R5.00. 
  • Leave a bigger tip than you normally would. Even if it is only an extra R30.00. 
  • Clean out your pantry by donating canned goods to a local food pantry. 
  • Pack an extra lunch to give to someone less fortunate.
  • Call your parents &/or guardians and let them know how thankful you are for them. 
  • Take someone out for breakfast or dinner
  • Arrange a special function for employees to thank them.
  • Take someone to a concert.
  • Sponsor a child or student’s education
  • Avail yourself as a mentor

THANK YOU South Africa