Who do you want to become your South Africa Day Ambassadors?

Do these people qualify

Become a South Africa Day Ambassador

This is what is required to become a South Africa Day Ambassador

Be a successful South African and a high achiever in any field such as sport, arts, business, government, politics, science, or any other field

You can be of any age

All South Africa Day Ambassadors should share the common trait of achievement through hard work, talent, the drive to make a difference in the country, and a strong sense of patriotism

What will you do as the South Africa Day Ambassador

You will serve as a drawcard to many South Africa Day events and activities that will be taking place in the country

You will have a chance to share stories with your fellow South Africans on what it took for you to succeed

You will encourage South Africans to take advantage of the many opportunities that South Africa offers

You will speak on what it means to be a South African and what it would take to make South Africa to become the country of our dreams

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